68 Mental Toughness and Emotional Intelligence Secrets To Make Anyone Instantly Like You

Likeability really has everything to do with increasing your mental toughness and emotional intelligence. The best part, we all can increase both of these things. Unlike IQ that you’re born with (you’re either smart or not smart), mental toughness and emotional intelligence (EQ) can be learned and improved. You could be someone with a very low IQ, but a very high EQ. As a matter of fact, I’d take it a step further to say the majority of people I know with the highest IQ’s have the lowest EQ’s. They can solve a geometric algorithm for molecular refinement based on scientific data (I have absolutely no idea what I just typed), but they can’t hold a conversation with the person sitting next to them on an airplane.

In your career, most opportunities will come through other people, and people give opportunities to those they like. In your personal life, people will do just about ANYTHING for someone they like.

For those of you that aren’t good at geometric algorithms, this book is for you.